Photograph © Angelo Merendino
A Midwest transplant I've lived in the Bay Area for over 20 years. I enjoy taking pictures.  I enjoy wandering with my camera.  The moments and objects that many ignore interest me the most.  Creating a feeling or telling a story is not my main goal.  I'm simply sharing with you how I saw a moment in time.  Seeing is really what photography is all about. I don't always have an interest in creating a theme or story beyond what a single photograph may tell.
"In the ravaged urban settings of the 1970's photographers often associated inertia with victimhood, but Gruyaert holds back from judgement and remarks instead on how it is to crouch, stoop or just pass by in conditions where no one pays attention.  His proposition is that states of being matter as parts of the scene, and that distance, depth and absence must somehow be acknowledged".  Ian Jeffrey
Feel free to email me if you're interested in a print.  I control the process from the release of the shutter to the final print produced in my lab on the finest of papers.  
Influences: Shore, White, Gruyaert, Bullock, Baltz, Friedlander, Caponigro, Adams, Moriyama, Evans, Frank, Davidson, Hido, Meyerowitz, Michals, Gagliani, Callahan, Leiter and Eggleston.